GRO: Artists Exchange with Toni Littlejohn & Orin Carpenter - Zoom at Noon, July 21st

Susan Brayton • July 17, 2021
Join us for a new Artists' Exchange with
Toni Littlejohn and Orin Carpenter

Wednesday, July 21 at Noon

Hosted by Pamela Blotner

ZOOM on your lunch break to discuss ideas, process and opportunities for artists. The ZOOM link is available on the GRO Website on the day of the event. 

Artists' Exchange Zoom

Meet the artist, Toni Littlejohn

“ My art is based on a Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice of lying on the earth in order to connect with it. With this contact, my intention is for healing the earth, humanity and myself.” Littlejohn works intuitively and spontaneously with what is sensed but not yet articulated, trusting that the first mark will lead to the next, that one color will invite another, creating a path into form. A Bay Area painter and mixed media artist of long standing, Toni Littlejohn has gained recognition for her “Wild Carrots” ongoing series of art workshops, which she has led for twenty-nine years.

Meet the artist, Orin Carpenter

"As a child growing up, I loved comic books and discovered that art could be my voice and superpower to cope with the stress that came with the color of my skin. Understanding I couldn't hide in my imagination, I learned how to bring my imagination to reality. That realization I discovered then grew into creating a world that I could share with all those who encounter my work. Allowing everyone to see the world through my eyes and hopefully change their perception with a new vision and offer them the opportunity to share in the journey… my journey."
 One Ste 1101 · Point Reyes Station, CA 94956-0937 · USA