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Mark Switzer • July 29, 2022

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July 29, 2022


Dear Community,

As we continue to be in one of the longest prolonged periods of high Covid-19 transmission rates since the start of the pandemic in Marin County, it is more important than ever to stay up to date on vaccinations and follow Public Health guidance to stop the spread, including the recommendation of masking indoors and testing before gathering. Vaccines still remain effective over the dominant variant, BA.5, which is making up 90-100% of cases currently in Marin County. It is critically important for those 50 years and over and eligible to obtain their second booster now and not wait until fall. There have been no deaths amongst those who have received their second booster, and the second booster reduces the risk of infection of BA.5 as well as severe illness.
Marin County Public Health is finding through wastewater analysis that we are increasingly underreporting Covid-19 cases. This is evident through the data collected and analyzed over time, showing that we are currently at the same levels of Covid-19 in our wastewater as we were at the peak of the Omicron-1 surge back in January. However, we are only seeing 1/3 number of cases now versus then, indicating that we are likely underreporting. Although, accurate case count is important, the silver lining is that hospitalization rates remain stable even with a high level of cases, thereby showing the risk of people being hospitalized is decreasing over time. 

It is important to consider your risk when attending a gathering. With an estimated 5% community prevalence, 1 in 20 people will have an active infection. While not 100% foolproof, testing prior to gathering and wearing a high-quality mask (K-N95 or N-95) will protect you greatly from becoming infected.
Let's not forget about another disease that has come onto the scene, and that would be Monkeypox. Dr. Matt Willis does expect it to be classified as a global pandemic in the not too distant future as it does meet the criteria. Monkeypox differs from Covid-19 in that it is transmitted through intimate skin-to-skin contact versus Covid-19 is mainly transmitted through the air, it has a much lower risk of hospitalization or death, and has long-term immunity after infection or vaccination. Across California, San Francisco has had the highest number of Monkeypox cases at 160. Marin County has had 2 confirmed cases and 1 suspected case. Marin County Public Health has been working very hard to educate the community and health care providers, as well as provide contact tracing and treatment for those few that have been infected. Even with a scarce supply of Monkeypox vaccine nationally, Marin County has distributed over 150 doses of the vaccine to healthcare providers, and is planning for additional vaccination events.

On another note, we have some great services coming to West Marin. The Ritter Center's Mobile Health Clinic is coming back to Point Reyes Station and Bolinas THIS WEEK on July 29th to provide medical care for those under or uninsured. They will also have a limited amount of COVID vaccines and tests available. Learn more in English and Spanish here.
On Monday, 8/1, Marin County Health and Human Services along with Coastal Health Alliance, Petaluma Health Center, Indigenous Healing Center, and the West Marin Community Response Team, will be hosting a Mobile Clinic in Bolinas at the Bolinas Health Center from 4:30-7 pm. They will be offering Medi-Cal applications, Vision Screenings, Check-ups, Dental Services, Consults with healthcare providers and the Indigenous Healing Center, and rapid Covid-19 Tests. Learn more in English and Spanish.
With a focus on other disasters, everyone in Marin should be signed up for AlertMarin. By signing up you will receive information specific to your address. This includes events like imminent flooding, wildfires, and evacuations with life safety implications. Here is a great video made by Firesafe Marin in English and Spanish on the subject. Signing up could save your life! Here is a great video on Alert Marin and here is one in Spanish.
Lastly, there are some other resources in West Marin to be aware of. West Marin Community Services has some financial assistance to help families that are having hardships due to COVID. You can reach out to Yareli at or by calling 415 663 8361 ext. 304 to learn more. Also, The National Institute of Mental Illness will be starting a support group in Point Reyes Station for family members whose loved ones are suffering from mental illness. Learn more by contacting or learn more here.

Take care and stay safe,
The West Marin Community Response Team

Dr. Matt Willis gives updates on the BA.5 variant, current case levels and masks

Vaccination Appointments

Bolstering our immunity against COVID-19 is of utmost importance, especially with the continued presence of the highly contagious BA.5 dominant in our community. Fortunately, we have access to vaccines which are a FREE and effective resource for keeping us protected. If you know someone who is still in need of a vaccine or booster shot, please share the list below with them!


Upcoming Vaccination opportunities will be available at the following Mobile Health Clinic Pop-Ups. Please see the details below.

Ritter Mobile Health
Point Reyes Station

West Marin Community Services
July 29th, 9-12 pm
11431 CA-1, Suite 10 (Mesa Rd.) 94956

Bolinas Community Center
July 29th, 1-3 pm
14 Wharf Rd. Bolinas CA 94924

Flyers in English and Spanish available here

Coastal Health Alliance and Health and Human Services
Bolinas Health Center
August 1st, 4:30-7 pm
88 Mesa Road Bolinas CA 94924
Pediatric vaccines are available at this event

Flyers in English and Spanish

Additional vaccine options in your community include:     


Know which Masks Provide the Best Protection Against COVID-19:

Right now, you can now expect 1 on 20 people to be actively infected with COVID 19 at a gathering. To mitigate the risk of infection, it's good to understand which masks offer the best protection.

In order from most effective to least effective

Most Effective:
  • N95 (also best for wildfire smoke)
More Effective:
  • KF94
  • KN95
  • Double Mask
  • Fitted Surgical Mask
Effective: Least Effective:
Learn more here

Free Take-Home COVID Rapid Testing
West Marin Locations

If you have tested positive, whether by rapid take-home test or PCR, please do not come to testing distribution for a take-home test until day 5 - 10 from your initial positive test result. If you have been exposed, please do not test until at least 2 days from exposure and test again on day 5. Remember to report your test with a self-test reporting form.

Thursdays, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM, and Upon Request
Bolinas Community Center
14 Wharf Street
Bolinas, CA 94924

Inverness Firehouse 
Monday thru Friday
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

50 Inverness Way, Inverness, CA 94937
Please call ahead for an appointment to pick up tests at 415-669-7151.
Point Reyes Station 
Mondays and Wednesdays 
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Fridays,1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

West Marin Community Services 
11431 Highway 1
Point Reyes Station, CA 94956

San Geronimo Valley
closed for the next two weeks (8/1 and 8/8)
Thursdays, 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
The San Geronimo Commons (formerly the golf course)
At the Drive Thru Pantry
5800 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
San Geronimo, CA 94963

Thursdays, 2:00 - 3:00 PM

Tomales Town Hall (Food Pantry)
27150 Highway 1
Tomales, CA 94971

Learn more about testing in Marin County at

West Marin Community Services and San Geronimo Valley Community Center distribute tests and masks to local community-based organizations. If you are a business in need of tests or masks please contact Seamus Tomkins at 415 663 8361 ext. 302
COVID-19 Treatment Information

If you have COVID-19, have symptoms, and are at higher risk of getting very sick, you can get medicines that treat COVID-19 and help keep you out of the hospital. Get tested right away if you are at high risk and have symptoms, even if they are mild. If you test positive, ask for treatment right away. Learn more in English and Spanish.

Where to access Paxlovid in West Marin

West Marin Medical Center (Test to Treat Location)
11150 Highway One, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956
Monday thru Friday 9 am - 5 pm

Coastal Health Alliance (can write prescriptions for treatment)

Point Reyes Station
3 6th St, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956
Mon - Fri: 8:30am to 5:00pm

88 Mesa Road, Bolinas, CA 94924
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 8:30am - 12:30pm and 1:30pm - 5:00pm

West Marin Pharmacy (Paxlovid available with a prescription) 
11 4th St, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956, 
Free Mobile Health Clinics in West Marin

Are you under or uninsured and in need of healthcare services? There are a few upcoming pop-up free healthcare events that will have a variety of services available in both Point Reyes Station and Bolinas. Please see details and flyers with the services provided below.

Ritter Mobile Health
Point Reyes Station

West Marin Community Services
July 29th, 9-12 pm
11431 CA-1, Suite 10 (Mesa Rd.) 94956

Bolinas Community Center
July 29th, 1-3 pm
14 Wharf Rd. Bolinas CA 94924

Learn more about the services offered in English and Spanish here

Coastal Health Alliance and Health and Human Services
Bolinas Health Center
August 1st, 4:30-7 pm
88 Mesa Road Bolinas CA 94924

Learn more about the services offered in English and Spanish
This event will also be hosting an Indigenous Healing Center. Learn more in English and Spanish
How to Sign Up for Alert Marin

Everyone in Marin should be signed up for AlertMarin. By signing up you will receive information specific to your address. This includes events like imminent flooding, wildfires, and evacuations with life safety implications. 
Signing up could save your life! 

Sign up for Alerts (En Español)
COVID Related Financial Assistance

Support is here for West Marin Residents that have recently been impacted due to COVID illness could be eligible to receive financial assistance from West Marin Community Services.

For further information, applications or questions please contact:
Yareli Cervantes, Emergency assistance program manager 
415-663-8361 ext. 304
or email at
Is Your Loved One Experiencing Mental Health Challenges?

Starting in September, The National Alliance on Mental Illness of Marin will be creating a peer-led support group in Point Reyes Station for any adult with a loved one who has symptoms of a mental health condition.

Learn more here or please contact Lou Enge at
Eviction Moratorium Extension

The Eviction Moratorium protects tenants unable to pay rent due to a COVID hardship. The moratorium has been extended until September 30, 2022.

How do I qualify?

You must submit a declaration to your landlord within 15 days that you receive a 3 day notice to pay your rent or quit and/or when you are unable to pay rent on the due date. You can submit this declaration by text message, email, in-person, or by mail. As with any communications with your landlord, always take a picture of your signed and dated declaration before you submit it.

Here is a declaration  template provided by Legal Aid of Marin in English here and in Spanish here.

How long am I protected?

The moratorium only protects you for unpaid rent from April 1, 2022 to September 30, 2022. HOWEVER, tenants have until December 29, 2022 to pay the back rent to avoid eviction. This extra time allows tenants to either negotiate a pay-back agreement with the landlord or seek rental assistance from local non-profit organizations. Tenants protected by the moratorium are still responsible for unpaid rent.


Contact Legal Aid of Marin at 415-492-0230 for free and confidential advice, consultations, and representation.


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