Artists' Exchange: The Microscope and the Neeedle

Shelley Rugg • August 7, 2022

Join Artists’ Exchange host, Pamela Blotner, for “The Microscope and the Needle” on Wednesday, August 17th @6pm on Zoom. Pamela welcomes two artists who walk a fine line between beauty and horror in their work.

Ruth Tabancay spent years looking through a microscope which inspired her to create the microscopic world into a tangible, non-magnified one, embroidering bacteria on fabric, organisms on plastic materials, and assembling discarded plastic medical waste.

Stephanie Metz’ sculptural forms borrow from anatomy, blending and sampling from soft, weighty folds of flesh, clean-cut architecture of bone, complex systems of plant growth, and the precise geometry of seed pods and cocoons.

Artists’ Exchange is a group created by and for artists to share new work, ideas, resources, and opportunities. Grab a glass of wine or tea, and let’s talk about art!

Each month host, Pamela Blotner, invites 2 artists to share their work and their ideas and processes. The group will then be invited to join the conversation. This month, she welcomes fiber artists Ruth Tabancay and Stepahnie Metz.

Join us and bring a friend! This event is FREE, suggested donation: $20

Find the Zoom link here, or on the Homepage of the gallery website on the day of the event.