Ambrose Leite: Coastal Improvisations

Heather Mickley • March 25, 2024

On view through May 26, 2024 

Reception/Artist Talk on April 20, from 2 - 4 p.m.

Embark on a captivating journey through the imaginative re-use improvisations of coastal artist Ambrose Leite (aka Rudy Samuels) as Artiquity Gallery in Inverness, California, presents an exhibition of his found object sculptures.

Samuels, who grew up in Bolinas, creates art under the pseudonym “Ambrose Leite” to differentiate his found art assemblages from his pioneering tech and product design engineering work, for which he is better known. Over the last 25 years, he has collaborated on a multitude of exciting first-generation products, ranging from VoIP telephones to Snowshoes to the GoPro Camera and its breakthrough mounting system. His artistic vision is emerging in new and surprising ways.

Each sculpture is meticulously crafted from coastal weathered flotsam and jetsam collected on West Marin beaches near his Northern California home. These works are a testament to his profound connection with his environment and keen visual and design sense. Each piece resonates with wonder and curiosity, celebrating their materials from driftwood to stones, bones to plastic, fiberglass to seaweed, rubber to steel, and more. His thoughtful compositions invite us to reconsider our perceptions of the world, prompting reflection on the relationship and interconnectedness of what is natural and human-made. By harnessing the raw materials commonly considered waste, the work underscores the importance of sustainability and environmental consciousness and the impact we, as humans, have on this world.  

Samuels (Leite) has a BS in Product Design from Standford University. He lives in Mill Valley with his three amazing daughters and enjoys making and building things both outdoors and in his workshop. Interests include being a dad, traveling, restoring old vehicles, home construction, gardening, and brewing kombucha.