Wise Aging, Facing Mortality and Embracing This Truth

Amena Hajjar • February 20, 2024

Please join us in this 4-week workshop with Elizabeth River we will open to the fact that we are mortal, and explore our willingness and courage. We’ll get past our hesitation, denial, fear and any other ways we have avoided this truth and open ourselves to living with greater freedom, purpose, creativity and even joy in accepting our mortality together in the company of others.

Elizabeth offers poetry, mindful meditation, teaching and space for personal reflection and writing. We’ll share our experience and collective knowledge about mortality, and also examine the stories and assumptions that have shaped our feelings about our death and let go of those that do not serve us. In this way, we will move into greater peace, creativity and reverence for our precious lives.


Hosting by West Marin Senior Services

March 5. 12, 19 and 26th

1 pm - 2:30 pm

On Zoom

To register email amena@wmss.org